Our Story

Polk County Beekeepers was founded in 2017 by Steve Altom and Alan Dryden. We grew tired of having to drive many miles to get to a bee club meeting and decided to start one locally.

Polk County Beekeepers Mission: To educate and promote the art of Beekeeping to all age groups and our community. We aspire to teach the husbandry of Beekeeping to the entry level and learn from the Master Beekeepers. We welcome all levels of knowledge to come and participate. The honeybee is essential to our local gardens and farms that feed our local communities in Georgia.

Club Officers:

  • President - Alan Dryden
  • Vice-President - Brian Fisher
  • Secretary - Lisa McNamara
  • Treasurer - Vandy Cobb
  • Past President/Webmaster - Steve Altom

Board Members:

  • Devon Kurtz
  • David Dye
  • Sterling Knight

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